How is everyone doing?
We understand being cooped up in a house can be difficult, so our plan is to bring fun and creativity to you in the comfort of your own home!
We are currently putting together a “paint therapy box .” These boxes are $25 (free shipping) and will include most everything needed for you to make a beautiful custom piece of art décor right in the safety of your house.  I will do facebook lives with step by step on how to turn your cutouts into a custom piece of beautiful art that you can keep or give as a gift to brighten up someone’s day.  These make
adorable door hangers that will add cheer to your home during this difficult time.
Drab to Fab is here to support the local community in any way we can. We are practicing social distancing.   I will be here if anyone needs to pick up a therapy box to take home.
During this time let’s try to bring a little sunshine into one another’s life. This can be done through random acts of kindness. Though the current situation makes this difficult, I know we can still do beautiful things for one another. If we get creative, we can still stay safe while spreading joy and easing each other’s struggles and stress.
Thanks, everyone, and be safe and stay healthy!   Click the link to order yours today!!


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