Earn extra money by hosting paint parties with our wood cut outs.  Our cutouts are hand crafted in our woodshop using our CNC router.  These are great for the crafter as well as DIY projects.  Our cutouts are perfect for  Kids parties, Organized Groups, Fund raisers, Home School Crafts.  We are always adding new and unique seasonal items.  you can always contact us and we will work with you on custom designs or names.

  We cut all of our own plywood shapes with a CNC router for precision and have the ability to cut what you need exactly how you need it.  All of our plywood shapes are cut from high quality Baltic Birch Plywood in 1/4″ thickness.  We use plywood because of the dimensional stability, ease of painting or staining and overall strength.

Find our wood cut-outs here  

And, as always, contact us here at drab to Fab Designs with Darla for more information. Darla Orians drabfabfurnishings@gmail.com (765)305-0314 Find us on Facebook

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