We purchased our colonial house dream home but it was in desperate need of a makeover.  It was time to get my creative juices flowing.  Dixie Belle Paint to the rescue!  I was excited that there was no need for extensive preparations.  I had 3000 square feet of updates to do so, minimal preparation was a game-changer.  I hope my tutorial helps with your dream kitchen makeover.  Keep reading for the tutorial at the end.

How to completely redo your kitchen or furniture in 4 easy steps:

  1. Clean with White Lightning and rinse with clean water
  2. Apply Slick Stick if the surface is shiny
  3. Paint with your choice of Chalk Mineral Paint color
  4. Seal with Gator Hide or topcoat.

Step one: dip a lint-free cloth into the white lightning and squeeze excess from the cloth. Wipe your entire piece. With a new cloth and clean water wipe again to remove residue.

Step two; apply one thin coat of slick stick; allow to dry completely; apply another thin coat. This process will allow you to paint slick or slippery surfaces (yay no sanding) It is recommended to let this dry overnight before you paint.

Step 3; Time to paint! Darker colors usually need one coat, but lighter colors may need a second coat. Keep your brush damp to help the paint to flow. A mist or spray bottle is very helpful.

Step four; allow the paint to dry completely. Apply a thin coat of Clear Coat for added protection. Apply another thin coat after one hour. You can add up to three very thin coats. I like to use Dixie Belle Blue Sponge when I apply mine.


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