We purchased our Colonial fixer-upper right before the pandemic.  We got creative turning it into our dream home on a budget…   I was going for the “Farm House” look and loved the look of shiplap.  Hubby didn’t seem excited about trying to cut all the shiplap to fit in all the zig-zags around the steps.  I had to find a loophole to create the look.  We decided to test out pinstripe tape to see if we could create a faux shiplap look and save money and time.  After the wallpaper was removed we filled in the lines of the paneling with Dixie belle mud. We sanded it smooth and put tick marks every 6 inches on each end of the wall.  I painted a thin line to connect the tic marks in Mason Dixon gray.  You wouldn’t have to do that step if your starting with a wall the is already painted as long as it’s not a light color.  I put the tape on top of the line and painted the wall in Dover white from Sherwin Williams, after it was painted, I pulled off the tape and it creates the illusion of shiplap.  I got my dream wall and Mike didn’t have to spend days cutting around all those steps.  I loved it so much we did the same thing in our kitchen..  ..

Click here to watch the tutorial on creating your own “faux shiplap” wall.
the tape we used can be found by clicking the link below
Thanks, everyone, and be safe and stay healthy!
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