I noticed beautiful pieces of vintage furniture with all the curves and detailed moldings that people post  on fb and used to wish I could find some of those deals.  Who has time to wait and see if you’re going to find the deal of a lifetime at an auction or garage sale? Not me!  I found a way to take a basic piece of furniture or a fireplace mantel kit, made from 1″ thick pine boards, and turn them into beautiful, vintage, timeless pieces with Dixie Belle products and Woodubend moldings.  Here is one way to use Woodubend molding to turn a basic fireplace mantel from drab to fab.



Supplies list: Dixie Belle White Cotton paint, Dixie Belle Easy Peasy spray wax, Dixie Belle Voodoo gel stain, chip brush, wood glue, Woodubend angel and a damp rag.
Step 1: Paint the Woodubend angel with Dixie Belle Cotton paint.  It takes one coat and it helps to spread the paint with a damp brush.
Step 2:  Since it’s a mineral based paint, it dries quickly, but since I’m too impatient to wait 20 minutes,  I got out my blow dryer.
Step 3: Spray the entire piece with Easy Peasy spray wax.  I like how it helps put a protected barrier on my paint so I can control how much stain to leave on
Step 4: While the spray wax is still wet, brush on the voodoo gel stain, concentrating on getting it in all the details of the moldings.  I make sure my lint free rag is a little damp and start wiping away the stain until I get the results I like. The stain is also water based so it dries pretty fast.  You can use any good quality wood glue to apply your molding to your piece of furniture.
I love how these moldings get flexible with heat from your blow dryer.  Get it? Woodubend!   Check out a few pictures of the wings I wrapped around the side of my steampunked mini refrigerator.
It’s SO EASY to take your boring piece of furniture to the next level and raise the value of your garage sale find to a one of a kind piece of art.

If there are any issues with the build, you can always contact us for any assistance.  We are happy to help!

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