Meet Mike & Darla


Darla lives in a small community in Indiana near the Ohio state line. she is married to her husband Mike, AKA: Cupcake. It was a match made in Heaven. He works as an electrical controls engineer that loves repairing and designing furniture ~ she loves to paint and decorate. Between them, they have 4 children and 3 adorable Grandaughters. Darla worked at a variety of jobs including factory, daycare, and teacher aid for special needs. Her Church family is special to her and she loves to share why ~in her prayer group she was sharing about not feeling satisfied in her current factory job. Her friends always suggested she started her own business. The preacher wife prayed for God to show her a sign so she would know what direction to go. It was a few months later that she was beginning to wonder if that sign would ever come. On her way home from errands, she said a prayer in her car. “Okay God, if Your will is for me is to stay in a factory please shut the door for this dream, I want Your will to be done”. before she got home, she passed a big building with a” For rent” sign. Her heart was pounding with excitement as she peered in the big window of one of the stores. Curious, she called the number and was surprised when the owner said her name. It was a teacher that she use to work with and prayed for during the passing of her brother. The teacher inherited her brothers building and was happy to show her the store. The rent was reasonable but she needed a place to teach painting classes. The teacher opened another door to a huge atrium and said ‘since I know you, you can use this space for your classes.
Darla mentioned that they wanted to repair and build furniture for customers . The store owner replied, “there is a workshop set up in the basemen that my Dad set up a long time ago and it hasn’t been used for years”. Darla’s journey of being a store owner started on July 22, 2017. She loves encouraging others to DIY and stays busy planning events. Her favorite part of the job is seeing people come in and disconnect from their devices and connect with each other during their craft events. She feels blessed to have her daughter instruct their paint and canvas events since Darla can’t draw a stick figure. She’s always learning new things from her coaching groups and appreciates all her customers because of them this wouldn’t be possible.


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